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Aeronautica Imperialis Wings of Vengeance

70,00 €

The Aeronautica Imperialis: Wings of Vengeance boxed set includes everything you need to play exciting games of aerial combat between aircra...

Aeronautica Imperialis: Skies of Fire

70,00 €

The mining world of Taros is embroiled in a bitter, grinding war between the forces of the opportunistic T’au Empire and the jealous and ven...

Aeronautica Imperialis: Taros Air War Campaign Book

29,00 €

Taros was an unassuming mining world nestled in the Ultima Segmentum, faithfully toiling in the service of the Imperium of Man for thousands...

Imperial Navy Avenger Strike Fighters

34,00 €

Named for the Avenger bolt cannons they bear, these fighters are often employed on strafing runs, raking armoured columns and bunkers on the...