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MTG - Unsanctioned - EN

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MTG - Unsanctioned - EN
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Choose two wacky silver-bordered 30-card decks, shuffle them together, and watch the mayhem unfold!

Unsanctioned is a ready-to-play "Un-set" experience.

Inside, you'll find five 30-card, mono-colored decks, each designed to synergize with one another in unique and surprising ways. Each player combines two decks into one 60-card deck and faces off for some wacky gameplay that stretches the limits of what Magic cards can do.

Unsanctioned includes:

5 30-card mono-colored decks

2 6-sided dice

10 double-sided tokens

5 full-art basic lands, with all-new artwork

5 foil full-art basic lands, with all-new artwork

1 reusable storage box

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