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Pacific Rim: Extinction - EN

Pacific Rim: Extinction - EN
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Bring the apocalyptic scale of Pacific Rim to the table top in Pacific Rim: Extinction and choose your side in this new miniatures game. Pit fantastically detailed Jaeger and Kaiju miniatures against each other in a war that has the highest stakes ever known to mankind - Extinction.

The base game contains:
•Painted 85mm Gipsy Avenger Miniature
•Painted 110mm Shrikethorn Miniature
•Shrikethorn Kaiju Signature
•Gipsy Avenger Jaeger Conn-Pod
•6 Unique Gipsy Avenger Action Cards
•6 Unique Shrikethorn Action Cards
•6 Kaiju Objective Cards
•6 Drift-Compatible Ranger Cards
•4 Interchangeable Jaeger Upgrade Cards
•6 Interchangeable Kaiju Mutation Cards
•6 Scenario Cards
•6 Quick-Play Cards
•Highly Detailed 3x2 Poster Mat
•6 3D Skyscrapers
•4 2D Terrain Tiles
•6 2D Building Hexes
•1 x Custom Impulse Die;
•16x Custom Combat Dice
•Full Colour Rulebook
•Hex Gauge

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