Figurines from the Vault - Harmonic Sliver

Figurines from the Vault - Harmonic Sliver


Magic: The Gathering Figurines From the Vault capture the most adorable side of your favorite creatures. The collection features some of the most iconic creatures you will encounter on the battlefield. Summon your very own Harmonic Sliver and bring them to your next Friday Night Magic duel. Collect them all!

° Officially licensed Harmonic Sliver figurine for Magic: The Gathering - chase variant of the Silver Figurine from the Vault
° An adorable take on the most fearsome creatures in all the realms
° Stylized vinyl figure stands 3 3/4" tall.
° Features a shiny gold finish and aspiration to take over the hivemind
° Also available: Sliver, Myr, and Perilous Myr (Variant). Collect them all!

Data de Lançamento: 4º Trimestre, 2022

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