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D&D - Tyrants of the Underdark (Updated Edition) - EN

53,90 €
IVA Incluído
New format, expanded content, same great game!
The classic 2016 edition including the Aberrations and Undead expansion so you can now
get the complete Tyrants of the Underdark experience in one box!
Take your place as a villainous leader of a drow house and fight for control of the Underdark. Build your deck throughout the game to recruit drow, dragons, cultists,
and demon minions, and use them to assassinate enemy troops or infiltrate and control your opponents’ strongholds. Choose your strategy carefully, though, for only one house can rule the Underdark!
Categoria: Temático
Nº de Jogadores: 2 ou Mais
Tempo Estimado de Jogo: Entre 45 min e 90 min
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