Conditions of Purchase and Delivery

To place an order, the customer must be at least 18 years of age and undertake to provide true data that allows the successful processing of your order.

Payment methods

Credit card

The customer can pay by credit card and enjoy the advantages of liquidity and the payment deadlines that your bank offers you. All transactions on our website are secure.

How do I pay by credit card?

After you have selected the option to pay by credit card and click on "Finalize Order", the customer will be redirected to the page of Hipay, where you must indicate the necessary data of your credit card, namely the number, expiration date and the security code of the same.

If payment is declined, the customer will be presented with a message indicating the error verified in the window of your shopping cart. In these situations, we suggest that the customer retry and, if the problem persists, we recommend contacting your bank or credit card issuer for more information.

Once the payment is made, the amount will be debited from the customer's credit card account. If for some reason we have to cancel part or all of the order, we will refund the corresponding amount within 5 working days. The transaction will be reflected in the customer's card statement after 2 business days from the date it was made.

In order to protect our customers from potential fraud, we may, if necessary, request additional information to facilitate payment review. If we do not respond to our request within 3 working days, we will cancel the order and refund it.

Payments are always made in euros, even when prices are shown in other currencies. Some banks may charge exchange rates. Versus is totally unaware of this fact and assumes no responsibility for it.


Payments by ATM can be made through the ATM network or through your Homebanking.

At the end of your order, an ATM reference will be generated. The customer will receive this reference in the order confirmation email, although this will also be available in the "Order Details" in the "Customer Account" area.

To make the payment in an ATM, the customer must select the option "Payment of Services / Purchases" and insert the corresponding entity, reference and value.

The order will be shipped on the same day if the payment is made until 2:00 pm on a business day. Orders paid after this time will be shipped the next business day.

The products are reserved for 5 days. If Versus does not receive payment for the order during this period, the order will be canceled.

Bank transfer

To confirm the orders, an email with proof of bank transfer must be sent to us.

Bank account information:
NIB: 0010 0000 52307410001 59
IBAN: PT50 0010 0000 523074100015 9

Orders will not be sent without payment being made and proven.


Except for rare exceptions unrelated to Versus, all orders completed and paid by Credit Card or ATM will be dispatched on the same day, provided payment has been made by 2:00 pm on a business day. Orders paid after this time will be shipped the next business day.

Versus offers free shipping on purchases equal to or above € 100 for Continental Portugal. For shipments to Madeira and Azores, it will be necessary to request information from Versus on the amount of shipping costs, according to the place of destination.

The option to pay by bank transfer will have a confirmation period that will vary between 24h and 5 business days (depending on the country of origin of the transfer). In this payment method, Versus has no control over the execution period of the bank transaction, which is the responsibility of the Customer Bank. In these cases, the order will be shipped the day we receive confirmation of payment from the bank.

If we have any questions regarding the order (delivery address, confirmation of payment, products out of stock, etc.), we will contact the customer through our Customer Service. We will wait for a response for three business days. The order will not be shipped until we get a response to our message. If we do not get any response within this time frame, we will cancel the order and refund the customer.


Once the order has been shipped, the customer will receive a confirmation email with their invoice, the assigned shipping number and a link so that they can track the order on the carrier's website.

Orders are delivered Monday through Friday, with the exception of local or national holidays, at the address that the customer indicates when making the same.

The customer can receive the order where it wishes (except in sections), from Monday to Friday. To do this, simply provide us the address where you will be present between 9am and 7pm. An attempt will be made to deliver by a courier from the carrier chosen at the address indicated by the customer.

WARNING: It is not possible to choose a specific delivery time, since it will be conditioned by the route defined by the carrier to the courier on the day of delivery.

The provision of an incorrect or incomplete delivery address may lead to your return to Versus, causing additional costs for the customer, so we recommend that you always make sure that the delivery address indicated at the time of order registration is effectively correct and complete . Once the order is processed, you can not change the shipping address or the billing information you entered.

Delivery Times

Continental Portugal

Once your order has been shipped, we estimate a delivery time of 1 to 2 business days.

Non-Delivered Orders

In the event that a prepaid order is returned to Versus for reasons beyond Versus or the carrier, Versus will refund the amount paid by Versus, less shipping and return costs. Prepaid orders are those paid by Credit Card, PayPal, ATM or Bank Transfer.

The customer may choose to reimburse the original payment method or via a reimbursement coupon that may be used in a future order. The coupon will be valid for 12 months from the date it was created. After this period, there will be no refund. In case the original payment has been made by Multibanco or Bank Transfer, the customer will have to provide the bank details for the refund to be made. If the reason for the delivery is not achieved and return of the order is the responsibility of the carrier, regardless of the payment method chosen, the customer will have to send us a written complaint that will be analyzed by the carrier. In the event that the problem with the delivery was caused by an incorrect or incomplete address, we ask that the customer attach proof of address (for example, electricity, water or gas) to the claim.

The solution that Versus will present to the customer will depend on the response given by the carrier. Therefore, in cases of complaints originated by the transport service, we can only present a solution to the customer after obtaining a response from the carrier. If the carrier accepts full responsibility for the return of the order and if all the items originally ordered are available, we will suggest to the customer the return without additional costs. If the original order has been paid by Credit Card, ATM or Bank Transfer, instead of a replacement order, the customer may opt for the refund. If the carrier does not accept responsibility, we can not accept the claim, which means that the refund or replacement order will be subject to the above mentioned terms for orders returned for reasons not attributable to Versus or the carrier.


If the customer wishes to return one or more items, he may do so within 30 days of receiving the order, provided that the products are intact, sealed, complete and in the original packaging, which can not be damaged, altered or scratched. The customer must ensure that the item (s) returned arrives at our premises within 14 days of delivery.

To exercise your right of return, the customer should contact our Customer Service, specify the order number, description or reference of the product (s) he / she intends to return and what form of reimbursement he / she wishes. The refund can be made through the original payment method or through a refund coupon, which has a validity of 12 months from the date of its issue. At the end of this period there will be no further reimbursement.

The customer will also have to take into account if the product that he / she intends to return was acquired within the scope of some promotional campaign and if, for that reason, he / she benefited from some product of offer. If this is the case, you should return not only the product in question, but also the offer you have been given with your purchase. Both products must comply with the above guidelines.

The return of incomplete, damaged or scratched products, as well as products without the original packaging and / or label, or products with signs of having been used, will not be accepted.


The customer must return the article (s), request the respective refund and make a new purchase. The entire return process is duly described in the item RETURNS.

Refund Methods

VERSUS will do its best to reimburse the customer quickly, however, safeguarding a maximum period of 15 days from the receipt of the return.

If the payment has been made by credit card, the refund will be made on the card itself and will appear in the next extract from it.

If payment has been made by Multibanco, the customer will be asked to provide us with the account data for which you want the refund amount to be transferred.

The customer can also choose to be reimbursed through a discount coupon, regardless of the original payment method. The coupon will be valid for 12 months from the date it was created. After this period, there will be no refund.

Refund Shipping Costs

If the reason for the return of the order has been the responsibility of VERSUS, we will refund your shipping costs (eg defective or different products actually ordered).

Product Information

We strictly follow all necessary procedures to ensure that all details, descriptions and prices of the products presented on the site are correct. However, there may be situations where product information, including pricing and promotion, has not been properly published. In these cases, we reserve the right not to proceed with orders with these products. If the customer places an order for these products, our Customer Support will contact you and inform you that it is impossible to proceed with the process. Orders may also not be sent for other reasons, such as:

  • Product out of stock;
  • Inability to obtain payment authorization;
  • Order considered fraudulent.

All products, campaigns, promotions and offers are limited to the physical stock available and/or units stipulated for the campaign.

If the order contains a product for which we no longer have physical stock, we will take the liberty of removing it from the order and proceed to send the remaining products in order not to delay the process.

The customer will always be informed about the change made.

We do everything in our power to keep your order and payment details secure. However, we can not be held responsible for any loss you may suffer if third parties obtain unauthorized access to any data you provided when accessing or ordering from our site.

VERSUS may modify prices without prior notice.

Payments are always made in euros, even when prices are shown in other currencies. Some banks may charge exchange rates. VERSUS is totally unaware of this fact and assumes no responsibility for it.

Suggestions and Complaints

The opinion of our customers is very important for us as it allows us to improve the services we provide. So, if for some reason our customers were not satisfied with them or have any suggestions, please take a few minutes of your time and let us know of the situation by sending a message to our Customer Service.

If the complaint relates to a specific order, customers have 30 days from the receipt of the order to contact our Customer Support and communicate the problem detected.

If the customer has received a defective or damaged product, or if the product received is different from the one the customer actually ordered, you will need to attach a video to your complaint or at least some photographs where the problem is clearly visible the state of the box in which the order was delivered to you.

The customer must also keep in his possession either the defective or damaged product or the box of the order until otherwise indicated by our Customer Service.

If at the moment of delivery of the order the outside state of the box is not in perfect condition, the customer must reject the delivery with the risk that the claim is not accepted.