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The Army Painter - Airbrush Medium

Airbrush Medium has been developed by The ArmyPainter to enable our superior quality Warpaints to be..

The Army Painter - Basing Glue

This special non-toxic glue is used for glueing rocks, sand, grass or similar to a miniature base. A..

The Army Painter - Battlefield Field Grass

Use to create great effects of taller and wild grass. Can be used all over the base or in smaller cl..

The Army Painter - Battlefield Grass Green

A special scatter resembling grass or light moss. Can be used to cover the entire base or in smaller..

The Army Painter - Battlefield Razorwire

Razorwire gives the effect of a war-torn setting - and is essential for any sci-fi or modern wargami..

The Army Painter - Battlefield Rocks

Use Battlefield Rocks for smaller stones, giving a perfect texture on especially larger bases - to b..

The Army Painter - Battlefield Snow

For any arctic climate or winter bases. Gives a nice sharp contrast to darker or very multi-coloured..

The Army Painter - Battlefield Steppe Grass

Use Battlefield Steppe Grass to create the illusion of wild or dry grass on any base...

The Army Painter - Battlefields Basing Set

This amazing set has been designed to give the wargamer a “one box fits all” for you miniature bases..

The Army Painter - Brown Battleground

Coloured sand in 3 different sizes for the perfect foundation of any base. Can also be painted any c..

The Army Painter - Colour Primer - Ultramarine Blue

The name says it all... But apart from Space Marines, this is also the perfect colour for Lizardmen,..

The Army Painter - D&D: Undead Paint Set

Nothing brings a D&D® world to life more than the creatures that inhabit it – and playing with p..

The Army Painter - Drill Bits

This premium set gives you 10 drill bits and all the different drill bit sizes you could possible wa..

The Army Painter - Gamemaster Dungeons & Caverns Core Set

Endless hours of adventure await you!Whether you descend into murky caverns or tread the pass of anc..

The Army Painter - GameMaster: Hot Wire Foam Cutter

This incredibly precise Hot Wire Foam Cutter will give you clean, accurateand fast cuts – every time..

The Army Painter - GameMaster: XPS Scenery Foam Booster Pack

Once you start building dungeons, modern cityscapes or rugged sci-firuins it gets hard to stop! Rest..

The Army Painter - Green Stuff

The original Kneadatite (best known as Green Stuff) is used by model makers and hobbyists for conver..

The Army Painter - Hobby Brush - Basecoating

Hobby Brush - Basecoating..

The Army Painter - Hobby Brush - Highlighting

Hobby Brush - Highlighting..

The Army Painter - Hobby Brush - Precise Detail

Hobby Brush - Precise Detail..
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