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The Army Painter - Battlefield Steppe Grass

Use Battlefield Steppe Grass to create the illusion of wild or dry grass on any base...

The Army Painter - Hobby Set

The Hobby Set has everything a wargamer and painter could want - all in one box. From assembling to ..

The Army Painter - Hydro Pack for Wet Palette

The perfect top up pack for The Army Painter WetPalette. This Hydro Pack contains 50 pieces of Hydro..

The Army Painter - Metallics Paint Set

From terrifying guns to magic armour, jewellery totreasure chests - this paint set has you covered!T..

The Army Painter - Miniature and Model Magnets

These supercharged rare-earth magnets are very high grade & strength (N52), enabling you to do c..

The Army Painter - Mixing balls

Heavy pigment, old paint or a combination thereof: the Mixing Balls will make your paints perfect ag..

The Army Painter - Most Wanted Brush Set

Made using Rotmarder sable, this extremely fine and pointed brush is perfect for painting ultra prec..

The Army Painter - Project Paint Station

The Army Painter Project Paint Station is the perfect tool for the immaculate hobbyist, that wants a..

The Army Painter - Super Glue

Also known as cyanoacrylate - this is super glue at its best. Medium thickness and high quality, thi..

The Army Painter - The Rising Sun paint set

As the Kami descend from the heavens to reshape the land in their image, it is up to each player to ..

The Army Painter - Wargamer Brush - Insane Detail

As the name suggests this is an extremely fine and small brush for the ultra small highlights, facia..

The Army Painter - Wet Palette

The best wet palette there is - superior quality and custom-designed to keep your Warpaints preserve..

The Army Painter - Zombicide: Invader Paint Set

The Xenos are appearing as if out of air. Arm yourself and get ready to fight for the survival of hu..
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