AK Interactive - Northern Alliance Thegn - Wargame Starter Set

AK Interactive - Northern Alliance Thegn - Wargame Starter Set

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This special set including 14 colors and the figure Thegn of the Northern Alliance, from Mantic in 28 mm scale.

The colors are selected to paint this figure and to increase our range of colors to paint any kind of figures.
The 3Gen paints are currently the best valued by painters around the world. Its formula contains pigments of high purity and high concentration to obtain more vivid colors and a perfect finish in any type of project.

The figure included in the set represents a Thegn warrior in 28 mm to play Kings of War in the Northern Alliance or to be used in any other board game or project.

This set contains:

AK11028 Smoke Black
AK11228 Night Blue – Ink
AK11439 French Greyish Blue
AK11161 Pale Blue
AK11005 Greenish White
AK11047 Lemon Yellow
AK11064 Beige Red
AK11091 Carmine
AK11031 Buff
AK11098 Black Red
AK11109 Dark Brown
AK11127 British Khaki
AK11151 Brownish Green
AK11159 Russian Green