Are You a Potty Mouth? - EN

Are You a Potty Mouth? - EN

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Are you always being called out for your potty mouth? Are you full of funny, filthy facts and ready to show off that knowledge? Are You A Potty Mouth is for anyone who loves trivia, wild guesses, and laugh-out-loud questions! Are You A Potty Mouth is a hilarious, fast-paced, easy to learn game filled with fun facts, random trivia and plenty of useless knowledge. The first person to correctly answer 10 cards wins. The Twist: when one has collected 9 cards anyone can challenge them to take a CHALLENGE card and if answered incorrectly the challenger wins the card.
It’s perfect game for a memorable game night with family and friends, parties, or anytime you just want to have fun!

Game Contents:

•150 premium cards

Categoria: Cartas
Nº de Jogadores: 3 ou mais
Tempo Estimado de Jogo: Entre 45 min e 90 min