Arkham Horror LCG: The Innsmouth Conspiracy Investigator Expansion

Arkham Horror LCG: The Innsmouth Conspiracy Investigator Expansion


Under the waves, an ancient civilization thrives, and a conspiracy brews. Only those outsiders who have heard the whispers of the deep can brave the maelstrom and discover the secrets of the abyss.

The Innsmouth Conspiracy Investigator Expansion for Arkham Horror: The Card Game features five investigators and contains all of the player cards and customization options featured in the original The Innsmouth Conspiracy cycle of products. Grant blessings as the nun, Sister Mary; learn and practice various fields of study as the student, Amanda Sharpe; watch from the shadows as the spy, Trish Scarborough; perform arcane tricks as the magician, Dexter Drake; and brave the open seas as the sailor, Silas Marsh.

The Innsmouth Conspiracy Investigator Expansion can be used to build or enhance investigator decks for any Arkham Horror: The Card Game scenario or campaign.

  • DIVERSE INVESTIGATOR ROLES: Includes five distinct investigators—Sister Mary, Amanda Sharpe, Trish Scarborough, Dexter Drake, and Silas Marsh—each offering unique abilities and strategies to enhance your gameplay.
  • RICH PLAYER CARD SELECTION: Boasts over 180 player cards spread across all five classes, providing a vast array of tools and strategies for deck-building and game customization.
  • ENHANCE ANY CAMPAIGN: While designed to complement The Innsmouth Conspiracy campaign, these investigators and player cards can be integrated into any scenario or campaign within Arkham Horror: The Card Game, offering versatile play options.
  • DEEPEN YOUR ARKHAM EXPERIENCE: Delve into the secrets of the abyss with thematic cards that capture the eerie and mysterious atmosphere of the Innsmouth lore.
  • READY FOR ALL PLAYERS: Ideal for both new players looking to jump into Arkham Horror with a rich set of options and veterans seeking to refresh and deepen their deck-building choices and strategies.


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