Battle Spirits Saga TCG - Starter Deck "Yellow" (SD04)

Battle Spirits Saga TCG - Starter Deck "Yellow" (SD04)


The yellow starter deck, known to gain upper hand with a wide array of magic, is a competitive deck that includes cores and a playsheet/rule manual, so you can start competing out of the box!

Includes starter deck exclusive cards!
Some cards have exclusive text not available in booster packs! You can build an even more powerful deck by adding cards from the booster pack, released simultaneously. Learn how to play the game and experience the world of BSS through the flavor text.

A brand-new card game from Bandai based on the long-running Battle Spirits trading card game. After 14 years and over 60 booster sets in Japan, Battle Spirits is finally reborn for competitive card game players around the world.

Use cores to play Spirit, Nexus, and Magic cards as you take on your opponent. Are you ready for a revolutionary card game experience?

Deck Cards×50​
Play Sheet×1​
Soul Core×1​

Data de Lançamento: Abril, 2023

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