BlueShark Studio - Square Vertical Brush Holder

BlueShark Studio - Square Vertical Brush Holder

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This set of Paint brush holder can store all your working brushes vertically, it was designed to hold brushes up to 10 mm, but it can be modified to any other custom size, please contact if you require different dimensions.

Keep your workstation neat and all your brushes organized in one place. All sets can be used freestanding and the square ones can be wall mounted.

Square, can hold 27 brushes, can be wall mounted
Imperial Size: 3.35 inches wide, 2.8 inches Deep and 5 inches High
Metric Size: 85 mm wide, 71 mm Deep and 126 mm High

This item comes in a flat pack and requires assembly with wood glue before it can be used. Wood Glue, wall mount screws and brushes are not supplied.

This product can have a slight burnt smell, its part of the laser process and it fades away quickly with time.