Brain Exploder

Brain Exploder

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By Ema Acosta

"You’re employed by The SDCP: The Sanitation Department for Classified Pests. Fancy as it might sound on paper; it’s about the worst job you’ve ever worked. Think regular pest control, but the critters you deal with talk, nest in the brains of other organisms to pass unseen, can digest anything from flesh to metal, and yearn for world domination. After a couple months at this, you’ve become pretty desensitized to blowing people’s brains out with an electroplasmic fusion gun."

Inspired by the likes of Twin Peaks and The Autopsy from Del Toro's Cabinet, Ema's interpretation of the Manifestus Omnivorous will speak to fans of small-town mystery and surrealism. The LOCATION is a regular town tucked away in an irrelevant part, where the characters, all working for the Sanitation Department for Classified Pets, have been sent to in order to end a possible alien infestation. The MONSTER is an Exocerebral Host which latches onto its victims, and can only survive by ingesting BONES or feeding on large orders of DECOMPOSING MATTER. But the Monster isn't the only bit the agents will have to deal with: every local has their own dark secrets, which they wish to keep buried.

Ema Acosta is a writer and illustrator based in Portugal, best known for her narrative games Crescent Moon and Exiles.

Brain Exploder is a system-agnostic module for use with weird small-town mystery games, such as Brindlewood Bay or External Containment Bureau. Comes with 24 pages in softcover slightly-bigger than A5 size. Red and black.