Dungeons & Lasers - Deuslair: Core Set

Dungeons & Lasers - Deuslair: Core Set

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The lands of Deuslair are strife with conflict, with various factions vying for dominance. From the Magic Smiths of the Fortress of Dragsa to the Jannah of the Kartagis Desert, everyone has their own self-interests in mind. In such a cruel and unforgiving world, only the weapons at your side can be trusted. Will you be the one to free the land of its endless cycle of suffering, or will you fully endorce it and bend Deuslair's inhabitants to your will? Various paths have been laid out, but the time to choose one is nigh.

- multipose miniatures
- fantastic detail


- Tu`ur, 
- Rashers` Golem
- Elder Kril 
- Apostle of Fire
- The Queen of Fey
- Corrupted Knight
- Bringer of Harmony
- Hand of Elishu
- Royal Commander
- Knight of Fey
- Vindu Assasin
- Princess Ker`ubo
- Court Forerunner
- Magic Smith
- Ca`arak
- Morgu
- P'aqo
- Yog-Vour
- Bringer of Frost
- 4x Harrat Skirsmishers  
- 4x Chaos Ork Slaves 
- Esme the Vampire
- Corrupted Mage
- Ancient Dryad
- Harrat Commander
- 2x Tidor`s personal guard 
- 4x Stone Wards 
- 4x Paladins of Order 
- 4x Jannah Member 
- 4x Devourers 
- 4x Magic Smith Apprentieces 
- 6x Royal Guard 
- 4x Yv`anda Member 
- 4x Dark Lupus 
- 4x Crystal Draconid 
- 2x Dwarven Champion 
- 4x Yv`anda Members 
- 2x Azath 
- 4x Azath Nymph 
- 4x Chaos Trooper 
- 4x Strings 
- 4x Gobork Trooper 
- 4x Kril