Dungeons & Lasers - Deuslair: Deceptive Encounters

Dungeons & Lasers - Deuslair: Deceptive Encounters

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The creatures of Deuslair have many strategies for how to outsmart their prey - whether it be through shapeshifting or hiding in the shadows. Simple brute force may not be enough to best them, but do you have the skill to beat them at their own game?

- fantastically detailed
- 25mm & 50mm bases included


1 x Duvak
1 x Kobold
1 x Malicious Ancient Dryad
1 x Ogre
1 x Swarm Warrior
1 x Doppelganger
1 x Hand of Steel, The Construct
1 x Warunas Outcast
1 x Xorn Monstrosity
1 x Mimic Clock
1 x Clock
1 x Animated Gargoyle
1 x Shambling Mound
2 x Kraken's Tentacles
1 x Yeti
21 x scenic bases