Dungeons & Lasers - The World Of Deuslair: Bestiary Book

Dungeons & Lasers - The World Of Deuslair: Bestiary Book

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Forged in the eternal dance between two deities, Chaos and Order, the world of
Deuslair is rife with danger at every turn. As a humble servant to your curiosity, I’ve
faced these perils, meticulously chronicling them for your enlightenment.
This bestiary captures only a fraction of the wonders witnessed during my numerous
travels across this land. Yet, each entry, filled with my knowledge, serves as
a testament to the horrifying existence of these creatures—their anatomy, primal
instincts, and the terrors unleashed upon hapless souls who cross their path.

I present to you the Deuslair Bestiary.

The Best Sailor of the Misty Waters, Alchemist, Cartographer, Scholar,
and a humble chronicler of History, Van Kler

- 160 pages
- hardcover
- 50+ entries describing groups of creatures or organizations.
- 150+ diverse encounter choices.
- Descriptions of unique ecosystems.
- Game Master hooks for introducing each creature.
- 5E statistics and system-agnostic descriptions.
- Extra space for Game Master notes or other system statistics.
- Statistics for playable races.