Epic Encounters: Local Legends - Berserker - EN

Epic Encounters: Local Legends - Berserker - EN


Inside this 5e-compatible box is everything you need to run epic roleplaying encounters with a lethal Berserker, with minimal effort!

Clad in impenetrable armour and equipped with a sword so heavy only the strongest could wield it, the Berserker is champion of the fighting pit. He’s also its greatest danger, and needs to be stopped…somehow. Prepare for a deadly showdown!

Perfect to drop into any fantasy roleplaying game, this set gives you the recipe and ingredients to create a thrilling roleplaying experience for your players.

It’s also fully compatible with the Local Legends Tavern Kit, which pairs this legend with one of 10 unique fantasy taverns.

What's in the box?

  • 4 highly detailed minis
  • Illustrated battlemap
  • Complete encounter booklet


Data de Lançamento: 31 de julho, 2024

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