Epic Encounters: Web of the Spider Tyrant - EN

Epic Encounters: Web of the Spider Tyrant - EN

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Ensnare your roleplaying group in a sticky situation with Web of the Spider Tyrant, containing all the ingredients you need to run a skin-crawling Giant Spider encounter! (Including a SCARILY detailed Giant Spider miniature on a 100mm base.)

Compatible with 5e or any fantasy roleplaying game, Web of the Spider Tyrant is an Epic Encounters boss box that takes you deep into the spider’s web.

There in the dark depths lurks the Spider Tyrant — an ancient fear, old as time and twice as deadly. Few who encounter one survive, and those who do are forever changed.

Can you escape the eight-legged clutches of the ultimate fear?


1 unpainted Giant Spider Miniature (100mm base)
Double-Sided Game Mat
Packed Adventure Book (with monster stats)
Tips and tricks for running an awesome encounter (that work for any RPG game)