Green Stuff World - Liquid Frost

Green Stuff World - Liquid Frost

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Liquid frost is made with a combination of acrylic resin and a saline solution, which helps to give it a frost-like appearance, after the crystallization of the salts contained in the medium. As a result of its natural composition, external factors can affect the formation of frosts, such as humidity, temperature, and the surface or structure where it is applied.

It can mimic frost on trees, bushes, flowers, ice crystals, and even other crystalline formations. Apply multiple layers and leave to dry for some hours. Following new applications could reactivate the crystallization process and restart the growing process. Can be cleaned with water if necessary. The effects may be different depending on how it is applied by brush or airbrush. It is not recommended to apply too thin layers when airbrushing since crystals will not form. We don't recommend diluting it with water since the crystals that form will be weaker.

This saline solution creates a whitish crystalline structure that simulates the effect of frost. Due to its natural composition, certain external factors such as humidity, temperature, and surface or structure where it's applied, can affect the formation of frost.

It can imitate the frost on trees, bushes, flowers, ice crystals, and even imitate other crystalline formations.