Green Stuff World - Magnetic Sheet  - Self Adhesive

Green Stuff World - Magnetic Sheet - Self Adhesive

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Magnetic sheets, often referred to as magnet sheets, are versatile materials that possess magnetic properties. These sheets consist of a flexible vinyl material, infused with magnetized particles or embedded with magnets. Their primary function is to provide a surface with magnetic attraction, allowing objects with ferromagnetic properties to stick to them.

Magnetic sheets are widely used in various industries and applications due to their convenience and ease of use. They offer a quick and simple solution for magnetizing objects, making them ideal for tasks such as organizing, displaying, and securing items.

The key characteristic of them is their magnetic field, which enables them to attract and hold small ferromagnetic materials. This property is especially valuable in fantasy wargame units, where miniature models need to be securely attached to movement trays or other surfaces.

In the context of fantasy wargames, they serve as a practical means of magnetizing the units on their movement trays. By placing a layer of this vinyl material on the movement tray, miniature models with metal components or magnets attached to them can be easily secured in place. This allows for easy movement and transportation of the units without the risk of displacement or detachment.

They are supplied in 200mm x 300mm dimensions providing ample material for creating multiple movement trays with varying capacities. These sheets are designed to be easily cut to size using simple tools like scissors or craft knives, allowing for customization and adaptation to different base sizes or tray configurations. A single magnetic sheet 200 mm x 300 mm, has enough material to make 3 trays of movement 50 figures, or 6 trays of movement 25 figures (20mm).

Their versatility extends beyond their use as standalone magnetizing surfaces. They can be combined with other materials to enhance their magnetic properties and accommodate different attraction strengths. For instance, rubber steel sheets are often used in conjunction to increase the overall magnetic pull. Neodymium magnets, known for their strong magnetic field, can also be employed to achieve a more secure attachment.

The combination of different magnetics products provides a comprehensive system for magnetizing fantasy wargame units. This approach offers flexibility and ease of use, allowing for efficient organization, customization, and reconfiguration of the units on movement trays.

This set includes 1 x sheet 0.75 mm - A4 size