Green Stuff World - Paint Set - Ancestral Machines

Green Stuff World - Paint Set - Ancestral Machines

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Selection of Maxx formula paints and other effect paints for painting Necrons and other similar types of futuristic robots from Green Stuff World.

Each color in this meticulously crafted acrylic set is carefully chosen to capture the essence of the ancient, enigmatic futuristic robots. From the cold, metallic sheen of their necro dermis bodies to the eerie glow of their eyes and weaponry, our selection of highly pigmented colors ensures that your miniatures will exude a hauntingly authentic aura.

This Necrons paint set boasts an array of striking metallic hues that replicate the gleaming alloys of the Necron warriors. Achieve seamless transitions from tarnished bronzes to ethereal silvers, allowing you to breathe life into every mechanical sinew of these unyielding adversaries.

Experience unmatched precision with the innovative dropper bottle design. Each droplet dispenses with effortless ease, providing precise control over your brush strokes. The dropper bottles are equipped with mixing balls, ensuring a consistent, well-blended color, perfect for achieving a smooth and polished finish across your entire army.

Discover the joy of experimenting with various painting techniques as this Necrons paint set is tailor-made for both brush and airbrush application. The versatility of our acrylic paints allows you to explore intricate detailing or large-scale blending, enabling you to create captivating and individualized Necron warriors.

Crafted to awaken your inner artist, this pack selection is an amalgamation of creativity and convenience. Whether you are a seasoned painter or just embarking on your journey into the cosmic realms of futuristic space robots, our carefully curated paint selection promises to elevate your hobby to celestial heights.

Immerse yourself in their universe and embrace the enigmatic allure of these immortal beings. With our hobby paint Set in your hands, you hold the key to unlocking a realm of artistic possibilities and bringing forth an army of spectral warriors that will command respect and admiration on any tabletop battlefield.

This product is water-based, non-toxic, and does not contain latex. Before use, be sure to shake the container well. It also comes with a stainless steel mixing ball to ensure an even distribution of the colors.

Contains 8x 17ml - Ancestral Machines

1 x Fluor Lime
1 x Opulentus Black
1 x Walnut Brown
1 x Hunter Green
1 x Flubber Green
1 x Gunmetal Grey
1 x Quicksilver
1 x Antique Gold