Hexcrawl Toolbox
Hexcrawl Toolbox
Hexcrawl Toolbox
Hexcrawl Toolbox

Hexcrawl Toolbox

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The Hexcrawl Toolbox is a deluxe worldbuilding accessory for use with fantasy roleplaying games. Contains 150 physical hex tiles for eight biomes, a guidebook on how to set up and run a hexcrawl, and a ton of fun extras for your games. Fully compatible with our Hex-n-Screen products, such as Undying Sands and Bottled Sea. 

What do you get?

  • 150 punch-out modular hexes in cardboard.
  • Guidebook containing advice on how to create and run hexcrawls, a catalogue of all hexes supported by random tables for encounters, treasure, rumours and events, and guidelines for four different play styles (Random Region, Hex-in-a-Bag, Quest Scenarios, Uncharted Lands).
  • Pad of Hex Sheets to generate Random Regions.
  • Cloth Bag to play in the Hex-in-a-Bag style.
  • Four Postcrawls (postcard settings/hexcrawls) to run Quest Scenarios.
  • Stocking Hexes fold-out to help you stock the hexes with quick dungeons, towers, villages and cities.
  • Wooden Components: river sticks, players pawn, treasure tokens.

    Concept & writing by Andre Novoa & Adriana Oliveira.
    Development by Isaac Williams.
    Art by Kevin Cannon.
    Design by lina&nando.
    Editing by Brian Yaksha.