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Definitely, Tarik Mansuri’s bust is one of the essential Infinity pieces you must keep in your miniature collection if you like to paint figures or if you’re a true fan of the game.

Tarik Mansuri, Emir of the Khawarijs, is a legend of the Human Sphere. Everyone knows about his story and achievements, self-discipline and recklessness. This living legend belongs to the Army of Haqqislam, a minor power –but not less dangerous–, that stands out in medicine and biosanitary sciences.

In Luxumbra we have made a meticulous reproduction of this soldier so that you enjoy painting it and exposing it in your showcase.

Features of the bust Tarik Mansuri from the army of Haqqislam
Our miniatures and Infinity busts have an exceptional quality, accurate roughless finishings so you can d paint the figure in a simple and effective way.

The bust of Tarik Mansuri captures perfectly his personality, reflected in the ferocity of his face, always ready to be the first to enter the battlefield.

Bust made of high quality resin consisting of 3 pieces.
Unmounted and unpainted.
Approximate maximum height: 6 cm / 2,36 in.
Base not included.
Under Corvus Belli Infinity license.
Haqqislam and Tarik Mansuri
“I truly know that I don’t need to introduce myself.”

Tarik Mansuri is part of the Haqqislam Army, and, more precisely, of the religious-military brotherhood of the Khawarijs. This light assault troop has the mission to protect the State from any threat.

If there is something remarkable about the faction of Haqqislam is its advances in medicine and biogenic therapy. This knowledge has been applied with great success in these soldiers, who are genetically modified to be stronger and most lethal.

It is said that Tarik Mansuri was among the firsts to submit to Runihura, a supersoldier program of Haqqislamitan genetic improvement. Since then, the Emir of the Khawarijs doesn’t get old or sick and is always at his best, ready to enter combat at any time.

A nomad soldier reports that, after a bloody battle with Tarik Mansuri, he had to retire from fighting for good. That happened long time ago, but he still remembers clear as the day Tarik Mansuri’s eyes, glowing with a violent desire to fight, his superhuman screams and his eager-to-kill smile.