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The Tiger Soldiers are the assault troop of Yu-Jing, the second great power within the Human Sphere. The so-called Tigers are under the guidelines of his emperor. They own their name to the second most powerful animals of earth, according to the Chinese tradition. A name only surpassed by the dragon, symbol of the emperor.

Luxumbra has designed a bust of one of the most courageous and lethal Tiger Soldiers of Yu-Jing so you can add it to your collection of busts and miniatures of the epic characters from the Infinity wargame. On a bigger scale than the game, your Tiger Soldier is produced with high quality resin and has great precision of details, which makes it look as if your sculpture has a life of its own.

This product is ideal whether you are a fan of the Infinity Universe or if you love painting and collecting miniatures. Do you already know where you are going to expose your Tiger Soldier of Yu-Jing’s army?

Features of the bust Tiger Soldier, from the Army Yu-Jing
As the rest of the miniatures and busts that we offer in our online catalogue, this 3D model of the Infinity Tiger Soldier has an astonishing quality.

Do you want to learn how to paint miniatures? If so, this product is for you. The finishings are smooth and the level of details is great, so you can get started painting miniatures giving your best right away!

Are you a painting expert? Show off your skills painting this Tiger Soldier. Its details and quality will allow you to apply all those techniques you master.

Bust made of high quality resin consisting of 5 pieces.
Unmounted and unpainted.
Approximate maximum height: 6 cm / 2,36 in.
Base not included.
Under Corvus Belli Infinity license.
Yu-Jing and the Soldiers
“You will hear my roar… only if I want you to hear me.”

Yu-Jing is a superpower that reaches all of Southeast Asia territory. At the forefront of technological development, this great empire is the eternal rival of PanOceanía and seeks to take over its position at all costs.

The Yu-Jing assault troop is formed by the Tiger Soldiers, the most secretive combatants specialized in secret rescue mission. Of course, these covert operations were never recognized by the empire.

Our Tiger Soldier has been under the command of his Dragon for a long time. After he joined to the most important assault command under the emperor’s orders, he got an incredible skill at the battle. His enemies never got to see his face before they died.