Modern Art - EN

Modern Art - EN

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When you run a museum, you decide what’s beautiful!
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but in the high-stakes world of fine art auctions, there’s nothing more beautiful than making a buck. In Modern Art, players take on the role of curators, buying and selling paintings for their
museum. Over the course of four rounds, they take part in a number of auctions, trying to get the best value for the pieces in their collection. Whoever makes the most money wins the game (and keeps their job).

1 Game Board
12 Cards (Manuel Carvalho)
15 Cards (Ramon Martins)
14 Cards (Daniel Melim)
16 Cards (Rafael Silveira)
13 Cards (Sigrid Thaler)
5 Museum Screens
1 Hammer Token
12 Artist Value Tiles
132 Money Tokens
1 Rulebook

Categoria: Estratégia
Nº de Jogadores: 3 ou Mais
Tempo Estimado de Jogo: Entre 45 min e 90 min