Munchkin Batman - EN

Munchkin Batman - EN

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It’s the Caped Crusader vs. the Masters of Mayhem!

The criminals of Gotham City are competing to see who’s the greatest Super-Villain of all! In this mischievous Munchkin
mash-up, players take on the roles of classic Batman baddies, battling against their competitors to commit crimes, foil
Batman, and escape Arkham Asylum. The first player to Level 10 rules Gotham! Who will it be?

This deluxe-sized box contains a whopping 261 full-color cards and six double-sided Villain cards, as well as a gameboard,
standies, and one custom Munchkin-head die.

Key Features:

Batman and Munchkin. It’s what you’ve been waiting for!
Includes 261 cards illustrated by John Kovalic!
The ultimate collaboration between Steve Jackson Games,DC Comics, and Warner Brothers!


Categoria: Estratégia
Nº de Jogadores: 3 ou Mais
Tempo Estimado de Jogo: Entre 45 min e 90 min