Pathfinder Deep Cuts: Adult Underworld Dragon Unpainted Mini

Pathfinder Deep Cuts: Adult Underworld Dragon Unpainted Mini


Underworld dragons embody the pressure between tectonic plates, the heat behind geysers, and flash fires that ignite when the conditions are just right. Natural alchemists, these dragons innately understand reagents and catalysts. While some research the effects of magic on material reactions, the majority of underworld dragons concentrate on building their hoards. They scour the world for carved gemstones and artifacts of precious minerals, both of which they see as distilled essence of earth's bounty.

Underworld dragons appear angular and sharp; their scales glow as if superheated from within, and their hair flickers like tongues of flames. An intense fire glows behind their gazes, suggesting they could ignite items with a mere thought, and their breath ripples the air as a testament to the heat contained within their bodies.


  • Interchangeable tongue and breath weapon effect pieces.
  • Accurately sized for play at the game table.
  • Primed and ready to paint.

This product includes 1 unpainted figure.

Data de Lançamento: 1 de agosto, 2024

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