SolForge Fusion: Hybrid Deck Game - Starter Kit

SolForge Fusion: Hybrid Deck Game - Starter Kit

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The World's first hybrid Deck Game - Level up your cards as you play

SolForge Fusion Starter Kit is the best way to enter the world of SolForge.
It contains everything a player needs to begin playing in SolForge Fusion.

Each Starter Kit contains four unique half-decks, which can be combined to create six different deck combinations.
Each unique deck can be scanned into our database for tournament play.
25 Tracker cards and 2 paper playmats make out-of-the-box gameplay easy for 2 players.

4 Unique Half-Decks (128 cards)
12 Minion Cards
25 Mini Tracker Cards
2 Paper Playmats

Data de Lançamento: 31 de Outubro, 2022