Star Wars: Shatterpoint - Appetite for Destruction Squad Pack

Star Wars: Shatterpoint - Appetite for Destruction Squad Pack

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The nefarious General Grievous terrorizes the Republic! Unleashing the Separatist Droid Army throughout the galaxy, Grievous has proven to be more than a match for his Jedi adversaries. A shrewd military strategist, he makes use of brutal tactics to claim numerous victories and instill fear in his opponents. This pack adds a new squad of General Grievous, Kraken, and two B2 Battle Droids to Star Wars: Shatterpoint that players can play right away or use alongside other characters to create their own custom squad. In addition to the beautifully sculpted miniatures of all four characters, players will also find all the stat, order, and stance cards they need to bring these characters to life on the tabletop.

• Adds Commander of the Separatist Military, General Grievous to Shatterpoint

• Adds a total of four new characters to either play as their own squad or be paired with other characters in a custom squad

• Includes 3 unique Unit Stat Cards and Order Cards


4 Character Miniatures, 1 40mm Base, 3 50mm Bases, 3 Unit Stat Cards, 3 Unit Order Cards