Super Fantasy Brawl - The Wizards' Statues Expansion - EN

Super Fantasy Brawl - The Wizards' Statues Expansion - EN

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Honouring three of the greatest Wizards ever to bring a team of Champions to the Super Brawl arena, these three also work their magic on your game experience too by replacing the flat 2D pillars with these highly-detailed 3D terrain pieces.

Ragryl is the oldest of the Brawl creators, steeped in ancient lore and old magics. Hailed as one of the finest minds throughout time, he is most closely aligned to the Creation aspect of the Three Cores.

Esmae's looming statue shows her mastery of magic, casting her gaze over the arena, reaching into every possible and conceivable future to determine what should come to pass. Floating above the symbol of Manipulation, Esmae radiates confidence and power as she presides over the Super Brawl!

Garnet stands proudly in the centre of the arena, challenging Champions of the Brawl to step into the ‘danger zone' of the Destruction area, where the elements of Destruction are his to command.

Categoria: Estratégia
Nº de Jogadores: 2 ou Mais
Tempo Estimado de Jogo: Entre 45 min e 90 min