The Job

The Job

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You’re after the good stuff. Gems, diamonds, gold bullion, a Picasso painting, Fabergé eggs, the Queen’s crown. Nothing short will do. You live fast, think fast and move fast.

THE JOB is a stand-alone tabletop roleplaying game, inspired by movies such as Ocean's Eleven or the Italian Job, and games like Fiasco or Dread. It is designed for one-shot sessions. In conventional RPGs, winning or losing is irrelevant. This game, however, has a clear objective: to pull off a heist. You either do it, or you don’t. The game is played in two phases: Preparation and Action. In the first phase, players devise their master Plan and prepare their own session, simulating the experience of formulating a heist. In the second phase, they put their Plan into action and discover how (ill-)prepared they were. This phase is played with a wobbly dice stack that may fall with any failed action, potentially compromising the entire heist.

Inside you will find all the rules you need for character creation, gameplay, referee procedures and tools, five sample Briefs and guidelines on how you may use The Job as a side-quest for other (more traditional) games.

Written by Andre Novoa.
Design by Guilherme Gontijo.

A5 hardback, 48 pages, high-quality print and paper.