The Witcher: Old World - EN

The Witcher: Old World - EN

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The Witcher: Old World is a competitive adventure board game that thrusts players into a monster-infested realm teeming with arcane magic, dark secrets, and dangerous places to discover.
Based on the fan-favourite The Witcher universe, set years before the saga of Geralt of Rivia, the game explores a time when monsters roamed the Continent in greater numbers — a constant peril which required the attention of expertly trained monster slayers, known as witchers.
Five competing witcher schools trained their adepts through brutal regimes, and once fully prepared, these now-recognized witchers set off to explore the land, seeking trouble, adventures, and helping others for coin.

Standard Edition Components:

1 game board
90 action cards
36 eity exploration cards
36 wilds exploration cards
56 event cards
28 potion cards
8 attribute trophy cards
10 help cards 1 solo help card
2 sets of 5 witcher poker dice
35 gold tokens
1 closed tavern token
18 location tokens
28 monster cards
28 monster tokens
20 monster fight cards
5 sets of player components - each containing:
● 1 player board
● 1 scoring token
● 10 starting action cards
● 1 Witcher Miniature
● 5 wooden cubes
● 1 wooden Shield Marker
● 4 Witcher Trophy cards


Categoria: Temático
Nº de Jogadores: 1 ou Mais
Tempo Estimado de Jogo: Mais de 90 min